Bob Simpson is a Texas-based singer-songwriter with a folk style and sound of the Americana kind. A songwriters songwriter, his carefully crafted guitar melodies and clever lyrics take you back to a time when musicians truly cared about the content and craftsmanship of their art. It's easy to begrudge someone when they are compared to more notable artists (most often James Taylor and Lyle Lovett) in their field. But Bob truly deserves these comparisons. He pays tribute to those that came before him while still maintaining a sound and story all his own.


A self-taught guitar player, Simpson began writing songs as a teenager; a hobby that would last him a lifetime. After recording several demos that would introduce his body of work to various audiences, he began to record and release his self-titled debut in 2008 followed by his alt-country tinged 2013 sophomore release, Odd Man Out. His songs have been featured in several independent films and performed in some of the more well-known venues across the state of Texas.

Simpson's third release, The Emperor's New Moon, was released March 2019.